The Silver Ring - Pearls of Pleasure

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Collect pearls of pleasure into a white porcelain glass, into a pure and clean corner of your soul. Collect them every day in a form of a kiss, caress, graceful flow of a silk dress through your body or the smell of expensive oils and perfume from your skin. Put a silent love confession and do not forget the shadow of a passionate glance to you. Collect the feeling of white beach sand under your feet, the path to a meeting covered with a silver moon light and envious sighs of the sea which follows your steps. The sweet foam of a whipped cream in a cup for two, a happy laugh and strong and warm fingers which hold your hand. Look to the ring and remember not to lose the pears of pleasure, collect them every day and every night, or, if you wish, put the handful of them and give it straight to your heart – they will warm you up.

Materials: sterling silver

Weight - 21,01 g

Width - 3,5 cm


All items are handmade and have been certified in accordance with the Lithuanian Hallmarking requirements.

Small partnership "Meno išraiška" the holder of the ERNESTA STATKUTE brand is registered member of Lithuanian Assay Office.

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