A pure idea

The Essence is in details. Because of them, even the simplest things are reborn. Every work lives in it's secret life, you just have to see the story in it. Silver is warming up and pulsating, it is alive and creating its own story. The story of metal and me is a nude feeling, a pure idea, an unforgettable moment.

Power to be yourself

When creating my bold yet delicate jewelry, I have a clear vision - my jewelry is intended for a woman who is a goddess, full of power to be herself, to find the greatest strength in her emotions and feelings.

I put great importance on my role as the craftsman, jeweler, and artist. My thoughts, feelings, and experiences come to life while creating each piece of jewelry.

I started my career as an Interior designer with a bachelor's studies at the Vilnius College of Design. I continued this path in my master's studies at the Academy of Design in Florence. I laid the foundations for my career as a jeweler at the jewelry school Vilnensis in my home country Lithuania.

During the years of my work, I have been recognized many times both in Lithuania and internationally:
In 2016 During the Amber trip exhibition, 1st place was awarded for the sculpture The power of Harmony (silver, enamel, amber)
In 2018 At Artistar Jewels 2018 in Milan, recognized for my creations Joy Cube and Best Friend
In 2018 Winner of the Amberif design award (theme Serendipity)