The Silver Pendant with Titanium Ring - Coral of Feelings

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I am standing in front of a huge white canvas. I put the brush into a cup of colors and move my hand decidedly. I do not pay attention to the dripping colors. I put the brush to the color again. Stroke after stroke, feeling after feeling I freely and unrestrictedly paint happiness, joy, anxiety, sadness, fear, euphoria… On the white canvas one can see my relations with creation, improvisation and changes. I have finished. I step back to see the picture. It is a coral of my feelings. I sign. I like it.

Materials: sterling silver, silver chain, titanium

Chain length - 80 cm 
Pendant height - 5,5 cm
Pendant weight - 23,35 g


All items are handmade and have been certified in accordance with the Lithuanian Hallmarking requirements.

Small partnership "Meno išraiška" the holder of the ERNESTA STATKUTE brand is registered member of Lithuanian Assay Office.

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