Auksiniai auskarai su deimantais “Dėkingumo laikysena"
Auksiniai auskarai su deimantais “Dėkingumo laikysena"

Auksiniai auskarai su deimantais “Dėkingumo laikysena"

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  • Sandėlyje, paruoštas siuntimui
  • Inventorius pakeliui
Prekės šiuo metu sandėlyje nėra, užsakius bus pagaminta ir išsiųsta per 30d.

An inner and constant posture of gratitude. It is the beginning of joy, a proper sense of self-worth, harmony of the emotional background. Gratitude gives sincerity to our relationships, teaches us to give and receive, and allows even greater things to come into our lives.
I follow the curves of my heart and follow where it leads.
I find faith in my heart - it is always embraced.

Materials: 14 k white gold with diamonds VS

Height - 3.7 mm
Weight - 0.79gr


All items are handmade and have been certified in accordance with the Lithuanian Hallmarking requirements.

Small partnership "Meno išraiška" the holder of the ERNESTA STATKUTE brand is registered member of Lithuanian Assay Office.

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The Essence is in details. Because of them, even the simplest things are reborn. Every work lives in it's secret life, you just have to see the story in it. Silver is warming up and pulsating, it is alive and creating its own story. The story of metal and me is a nude feeling, a pure idea, an unforgettable moment.